Mentorship Program

The Ch1Con Anthology Is Here!

As you may know, the Ch1Con team has spent this fall teaching two fantastic young writers about the publishing process in our inaugural mentorship program. The final step of this program is the release of an anthology featuring these up-and-coming young authors’ short stories (as well as some of our own). The anthology is called Twisted, because these stories all have some pretty killer plot twists (pun possibly intended).

The paperback and e-book editions of Twisted are available now for order on, and the e-book will be available soon on Amazon and iBooks.

We’re also THRILLED to be revealing the cover of this collection of short stories today! So, without further ado, drumroll please…


We’re in love with our cover, created by a talented friend of the conference, and so excited to share the book with you!

In honor of Twisted’s release, we’re holding a mini blog tour on the mentors’ blogs. The tour will include interviews, excerpts from the anthology stories, and more. The blog tour schedule is below:

 All proceeds from the anthology go towards funding future Ch1Con activities, including our 2017 conference and mentorship program. Purchase Twisted today to help us support the dreams of the authors of tomorrow!

We had so much fun putting Twisted together and hope you enjoy reading it, as well!

– The Ch1Con Team

Mentorship Program

Ch1Con Mentorship Program

The Ch1Con team is thrilled to announce the first annual
Ch1Con Mentorship Anthology!

This fall, the Ch1Con team will be mentoring ten young writers (ages 11 to 23) to teach them about writing, editing, and the publishing process!

Each Ch1Con team member will select one to two young writers to individually mentor. (Think of it like a class!) (You know, except way more fun.) Through one short story by each young writer, the team members will step their mentees through everything they need to know about becoming authors: how to use editorial letters to strengthen their writing, how to utilize copy edits, how to read contracts and non-disclosure agreements, and more.

In the end, the Ch1Con team will publish all of the short stories in an anthology—available for sale online and at future Ch1Con events!

Interested in participating? You can learn more about the mentorship program and how to become a mentee at:

(Deadline to enter is September 15! We can’t wait to read your short story!)