Do you dream of connecting with other young writers? Do you long for a community that understands what it’s like to be young and in love with the publishing world?

Writers like you are full of innovative ideas and boundless creativity; but, for some, it’s hard to find a place to hone or share your work with peers. Luckily for you, we’ve created Ch1Con, the perfect place to begin your journey!

The Chapter One Young Writers Conference (or Ch1Con) is a writer’s conference entirely by and for teens and young adults. The Ch1Con team is here to help you:img_0582

  • Meet fellow up-and-coming young writers.
  • Learn from young, industry professionals and authors how bestselling books are published.
  • Become the best writer you can be!

Ch1Con has given dozens of young writers the foundation they need to flourish in the publishing world. We’ve worked hard to create a tight-knit, supportive writing community that can support careers (and foster lifelong friendships).

If you’re ready to network, meet new friends, and find your next step towards getting published, join us at the Chapter One Young Writers Conference!


Twenty-one or over and interested in our organization? Check out our sister-conference Ch21Con!


“Ch1Con is an excellent way to find encouragement…”

Sophia @LiteraryRambles

Ch1Con gave me the amazing opportunity to connect with and learn from other young writers at various stages in the writing and publishing process. It can be so easy to get overwhelmed as a young writer just starting out, and Ch1Con is an excellent way to find encouragement, friendship, and connections in the writing community. I can’t wait to return!


“The second I walked into the event, they opened their arms and welcomed me into the group…

Emily T. @ebthompson93

When I first heard about Ch1Con, I was So. Excited. that there was a writing conference specifically for younger writers. Going into the conference weekend, I was nervous, as all the people involved seemed intimidating. BUT, the second I walked into the event, they opened their arms and welcomed me into the group and I have never felt so at home. The people running the con are so friendly, inclusive and informative, that anytime I hear about a young writer, I always send them this way. These people are the best sort of people and I cannot recommend Ch1Con enough.

Emily T.

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