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Ch1Con Virtual Write-a-Thon

The Ch1Con team is thrilled to announce that next week we’ll be hosting a virtual write-a-thon!

When? Saturday, December 26th from 10 AM to 10 PM EST.

What’s a virtual write-a-thon? A virtual write-a-thon is an event where a bunch of people get together to write a bunch of words, talk about writing, and procrastinate–online. You don’t have to attend for the whole event (only as much as you want to) and you can write whatever you want (no need to limit yourself to novels!).

Where? The write-a-thon will take place through a private chat room on the website Chatzy. You can find the chat room at:

We’re so excited to hang out with you on December 26th! Chat with you then.


PS. We maybe definitely have some exciting 2016 conference announcements coming soon. (Also exciting announcements of a different sort.) You’ve been warned.

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