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September Ch1Con Chat (and New Chat Schedule!)

Hey, guys! Get ready, because IT’S THE RETURN OF CH1CON CHAT.

The 2015-2016 team has decided to make some changes to Ch1Con Chat to make it more accessible and fun for you. Without further ado:

  • Twitter chats are now once a month and on Thursdays! They’ll be the same Twitter chats you know and love (okay, you like) (a lot), but we’re moving them to Thursday nights at 8:00 PM eastern. They’ll alternate Thursdays with our Youtube chats, so that one or the other should happen every other week. (Of course, life sometimes gets in the way, so we’re not promising they’ll be EXACTLY every other week. But that is The Goal.)
  • In essence: You’ll get one Twitter chat and one Youtube chat heading straight to your internet every month.
  • Youtube chats are now shorter and better organized! SO EXCITING, RIGHT? No more three hour marathons of the Ch1Con team rambling about The Raven Boys instead of that night’s promised topic. We realized that while that was fun for us, it wasn’t so much for you (or our neighbors). So: this year we’re limiting the chats to a half hour max AND staying on topic. (Mostly.)

Sound good? With that in mind, we’ve already hosted our Twitter chat for September, but we still have the Youtube chat to go!

Next Thursday (September 24) at 8 PM EST, we’ll be hosting our monthly video Ch1Con Chat, in which members of the Ch1Con team answer YOUR questions (and also goof off a lot). This month’s topic is Get to Know the Ch1Con Team. You can participate by asking us questions on Twitter using #Ch1Con and watch the chat on our Youtube channel:

Also, I’m conveniently embedding it in the post below:

Talk to you Thursday!


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