Monthly Online Events

January Ch1Con Activities

Hey, guys! Welcome to 2015.

We’ve already had one Twitter chat this month, but never fear if you missed it! We’ve got several more events coming your way.

First, this Thursday (January 22nd) at 8 PM EST, we’ll be hosting our monthly video Ch1Con Chat, in which members of the Ch1Con team answer YOUR questions (and also goof off a lot). This month’s topic is Writing Diverse Characters*. You can participate by asking us questions on Twitter using #Ch1Con and watch the chat on our Youtube channel:

Also, I’m conveniently embedding it in the post below:

Second, next Wednesday (January 28th) at 9:30 PM EST, we’ll be hosting a Ch1Con Twitter Chat in which we ask YOU questions, because we’d love to hear your thoughts on all these various writing-related things and also we’re sure you have some good stories to tell. The topic for this chat is the books and authors that inspire us. Use #Ch1Con to participate.

And finally, we’ll also be hosting one hour writing sprints at 1 PM EST on both of the remaining Saturdays in January (the 24th and 31st), so come join us for some writing shenanigans while we de-stress a little from school.

See you Thursday!


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