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Indiegogo Campaign

You read that title right.

We love putting on the Chapter One Young Writers Conference for you. We love that you love Ch1Con. And we want to make the conference even bigger and better in 2015.

So, come Monday (November 10th) say hello to the inaugural Ch1Con Indiegogo campaign!

Our goal is to raise $5,000 in one month. This will cover the costs of things like our conference room, event insurance, and speaker fees, so that we’ll be able to bring you more awesome speakers AND lower your registration fee in 2015. We’re also hoping to be able to put money towards funding the 2016 conference and starting scholarships for even more cool young writers to be able to attend.

We’ve got fantastic donation perks lined up for you, from all sorts of Ch1Con swag, to critiques from super talented people, to the opportunity to secure your spot at Ch1Con 2015 before registration even opens!

All this to say: We’re so excited for the Indiegogo campaign to start. And we hope you’re excited too. If you considered donating, it would mean the world to us.

Keep your eye on the blog Monday, when the Indiegogo campaign goes live! (And the Teens Can Write, Too blog. We might just have something special going on over there during the campaign as well.)



The Ch1Con Team

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