Mentorship Program

What Was It?

  • The Ch1Events team will be mentored writers ages 11 to 29 on all parts of the publishing process!
  • The entire Ch1Events team (as well as some guest industry professionals) will took part in the mentorship program, discussing each step of how to get published from an expert in that area.
  • Through one short story by each writer, the team members guided their mentees through everything they needed to know about becoming authors: how to write a query letter, utilize editorial letters to strengthen their writing, read contracts, and more.
  • At the end of the program, the Ch1Events team published all the short stories in an anthology—available for sale online on Amazon, Barnes&, and more!

When Did This Happen?

  • Deadline September 15: Applied to participate by submitting a short story!
  • October 1: Mentees selected.
  • Throughout October: Mentors and mentees worked together to perfect the selected short stories and talk publishing.
  • Early November: Anthology gets sent to the printers.
  • End of November: The anthology released to the world!

What Were Application Requirements?

  • Program fee: $75 per selected writer upon admittance, which included one free print copy of the final anthology
  • Submission of a short story which you’d like us to work with you on–and which, of course, you’d like to see in print! (Past application available here.)
  • Any genre is fine, but the content should be appropriate for a PG-13 audience or younger.
  • Length between 1,000 and 3,000 words.
  • If you were selected for the program, Chapter One Events will have one-time publishing rights to your short story. (This means the rights will revert back to you once the anthology is released.)