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Ch1Con 2020 Speaker Announcement: Christina Li

We are pleased to announce our first speaker for Ch1Con 2020, Christina Li!

Christina is a student at Stanford University studying Economics. In her spare time, when she is not stressing over her latest stats problem set, she is dreaming up characters and stories for children and young adults. Her debut, Clues to the Universe, is coming out from Quill Tree Press in early 2021.

You can find her on twitter or visit her website.

Interested in hearing Christina speak at Ch1Con? Register for the online event today.


Hello Again: Ch1Con 2020 Registration Now Open

We hope you’re doing well and staying safe during this incredible time. Many of you have been asking us what our plans are for Ch(2)1Con, Ch1Camp and our other yearly, summertime events. This time last year, we were filling your timelines and in-boxes with news about upcoming festivities, but this year we’ve been uncharacteristically quiet. This quiet has been in response to both the global pandemic and the recent, important conversations surrounding the Black Lives Matter movement. However, we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to figure out the best and safest ways to proceed given the current circumstances, and we’re so grateful for your patience.

Now, we think it’s a good time to let you all know what we have in mind for Ch1Con 2020. 

We are pleased to announce that Chapter One Conference will be held this July 25th as a 100% online event.

We are obviously sad that we cannot have our conference this year in person. Ch1Con was created as a way to bring a vibrant online community of young writers out into the real world for a weekend of togetherness, eye-contact, and awkward geekery. It has been absolutely devastating for us to cancel this IRL event for the first time since 2012. The Ch1Con team is scattered all across the country, and we miss each other just as much as we miss all of you. However, more than anything, we want to keep our community healthy and safe. And, no matter what, the show will go on…perhaps with a few more technical difficulties than usual. 

At this digital Ch1Con, speakers will give presentations via video conferencing (details on platform coming soon). Giveaway items will be mailed to your listed address, along with a care package of swag and other writerly goodies. 

We will also be opening a forum that will allow attendees to chat, share their work, and collaborate on writing exercises. Our speakers will take questions and encourage participation from those online, and we will all do our best to make you feel as if we’re physically together. 

Attendance is open to any young writers who will be between the ages of 11 and 20 as of July 25th, 2020. (If you’ll be between the ages of 21 and 29, check out the Chapter Twenty-One Conference!)

Register now at our New Attendee rate of $50* (lunch not included)! 

Ch1Con Youth Registration Link

Ch1Con 18-20 Registration Link

Ch21Con Registration Link

*if you are a past attendee of Ch1Con you are eligable for a discounted rate. You should have recieved an e-mail to this effect, but if you did not please contact us here.

Now, for the more typical, ~precedented~ FAQs…

Interested in who this year’s speakers are? Keep an eye on the blog, because we’ll be announcing the speakers very soon! (And, as usual, registered attendees will get a sneak peek via e-mail!)

Curious what’s going on with Ch1Camp this year? Once again, updates on that are soon to come. We have some very exciting plans for free online events in the works. 

As usual, spots are limited to attend the conference, so make sure to register before they’re gone!

If you can’t make it to the conference but still want to support us, we have a patreon now!

We’re so excited for the 2020 conference (and hope you are too)! See you (virtually) in July!

— The Ch1Events Team


Do You Have A Ch1Con Story To Share?

Do you have a story about the way our conference, our team, or our speakers have impacted your life? If so, we want to hear from you!

The Ch1Con blog is starting a personal essay series about our community. Over the years, you’ve told us stories about the friendships you’ve made, the reunions you’ve shared, and the pizza you’ve eaten at our yearly get-together. Our team members have a lot to say about the great times we’ve had, but we want you –our attendees– to be able to share your stories as well.

We’re looking for 500 to 1,000-word essays on memorable moments from your Ch1Con experience. What do our organization, community, and mission mean to you? Don’t be afraid to let your own personal voice shine through. We’re writers, after all! If your essay is selected, you’ll get a free sticker and our undying affection.

Don’t have much to say, but still want to help out? We’re also looking for short testimonials from past attendees –just a few sentences about past events– to post on our website.

Send your writing as a .docx attachment to chapteroneconference@gmail.com.

Have questions? Tweet us @Ch1Con or send us an e-mail!

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Yule Ball 2019!

Greetings fellow writers (sunglasses emoji) (sunglasses emoji) (finger guns emoji),

Welcome to 2019! We hope that the new year has been treating you well, but let’s be honest– no matter how well it’s treated you, none of us are ready to face the reality of Real Life ™. But, despite the crushing nature of our lives, there is a silver lining! That’s right folks, it’s time for…

*drum roll please*

The fourth-annual Ch1Con Yule Ball!

For those of you *LOSERS* who don’t know, the Yule Ball is an hour-and-a-half long live video panel. This year, it will be held on Thursday, January 24th from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM Central Time (8:00 PM to 9:30 PM Eastern Time).

Basically, it’s a mini, free, online Ch1Con! It features young authors answering YOUR questions about writing and publishing.

Interested in asking a question? You better be! Because all tweets using #Ch1ConYuleBall will have the opportunity to be answered by our panelists! We will answer as many as we have time for!

Interested in bidding on cool, bookish perks? We’ll be hosting a silent auction along with our online events where you can bid on critiques, books, and awesome gift boxes! All the proceeds will go towards funding the free programming Chapter One Events provides, as well as our yearly conferences.

Interested in watching the Ch1Con Yule Ball? You’ll be able to watch the panel live on our YouTube channel!

We’ll be announcing the speaker line up and posting the official link next Friday, so stay tuned!

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Mentoship Anthology Cover Reveal and Blog Tour!

Hello writers!

As you might already know, the Ch1Events team has been working with a mentee (the amazing Emily Woods) to create something pretty fantastic. A paranormal short fiction anthology!

This year, the anthology has a killer theme that’s sure to give you nightmares before Christmas. It’s titled FATAL FANTASIES: SHORT STORIES BY YOUNG WRITERS. Each story centers around the dead, the undead, and the mostly dead.

Image result for mostly dead

The official release date for our anthology is November 20th, but in the lead up to that date, the Ch1Con team is running a blog tour! The dates and links to each post will be listed on this post below as they are released.

Blog Tour Stops: 
Wednesday, Nov 14:
Anthology cover on the Ch1Con blog.
Scroll down to see it!
Thursday, Nov 15:
Interview with Emily Woods (ft. an excerpt of her short story) on Medium!
Link to come!
Friday, November 16: 
Content from Ch1Con team member Christel Thompson.
Link to come!
Saturday, November 17:
Content from Ch1Con team member Joey Brant.
Link to come!
Sunday, November 18:

Content from Ch1Con team member Emma Ryan.
Link to come!
Monday, November 19:
Content from Ch1Con team member Zoe Noble.
Link to come!
Tuesday, November 20:  Release Day!!!
We will be posting the buy links for the anthology right here on our blog!
Link to come!

For today’s installment of the blog tour, we will be revealing the cover of this years anthology. So, without further ado…

Cover Art by Nicole Dowling   


Such spooky! Much pretty!

Thank you so much to Nicole Dowling for donating her time to create this amazing art. You can find more of her work here.

Thanks for reading! We hope you’ll join us for the rest of the tour!


November Schedule

In case you missed it on social media, here’s our November events schedule!


Wednesday, November 14, All Day 
#Ch1Chat this month is a NaNoWriMo vent session. Take a break from plot holes and word counts and talk with other stressed out writers.
Sunday, November 18, 12-5PM CT
Word Wars on Dischord!
Wednesday, November 21, All Day
#Ch1Thanks: theCh1Con team tells us what they’re thankful for this year.
2018-2019 Events, General

October Online Event Schedule


Hello friends!

Leaves are changing, sweaters are emerging, and everything smells like pumpkin spice. Things are also getting a little spooky, not just because of the Halloween decor, but because NaNoWriMo is only a month away! To celebrate the creepiest and coziest month, we’re hosting Wednesday online events that we hope you’ll fall for.

Wednesday, October 10, All Day
At the beginning of the day, the  Tomato will ask a question on Twitter using #Ch1Asks. Response using the hashtag and follow @Ch1Con to enter a sticker giveaway!
Wednesday, October 17, 5PM-7PM CST
We’ll be hosting a #Ch1Chat about horror and suspense, in honor of spook season!
Wednesday, October 24, 5-7PM  CST
NaNoPrep Write-In. Join the team in preping their NaNoWriMo outlines using prompts and peer pressure.
Wednesday, October 31, 7-12PM
The tomato will be running NaNoCheatMo sprints as we count down to the official kickoff of National Novel Writing Month.
We hope to see you there!

Chapter One Conference 2018 Re-Cap!

Hello friends!

It’s been exactly one month since #Ch1Con2018, so we decided now would be a good time to make a conference recap post. This post will allow attendees to re-live that glorious day together. It’s also a great resource for anyone who’s thinking about attending #Ch1Con2019, and are curious about the kinds of crazy hijinks we get up to at our yearly event. We’ll be walking you through the pictures, live-tweets and laughs from one of our best Cons yet!

Ch1Con festivities kicked off on August 3rd when attendees, team members, and speakers all began arriving in Chicago.


Several people met in the hotel lobby from both Ch1Con and Ch21Con to talk, joke, and toast the conference! Some drinks were fancier than others…

After reveling and dinner concluded, the Ch1Con team got to work sorting books, swag, and conference folders.

Once everything was prepped and ready to go, team members and attendees alike set their (very early) alarms and settled down for a long summer’s nap…


At 8AM sharp, conference doors opened and the day was underway!

Attendees trickled in, began to socialize, and scoped out all of the swag, books, and ARC’s being given away…

Before we knew it, the day’s programming was underway! After a quick introduction from our new director Emma Rose Ryan, we went right into our first workshop session with Christine Herman and Amanda Foody.


Sadly, due to awful, evil weather on the east coast, Amanda and Christine’s flights to the Chicago were both canceled. That didn’t stop them from giving an amazing presentation, though!

Next up, we learned how to craft and sell short fiction from our team member and prolific Sci/Fi wordsmith Allison Mulder. Her workshop covered markets and facets of publishing Ch1Con has never approached before. It had even Ch1Con team members scribbling down notes for later.

Allison closed her workshop with a story-seed exercise that gave all of our attendees a chance to write something new that they could (eventually) turn into a  piece worthy of even the highest short-fiction markets.

After cultivating our idea seeds, it was time for lunch. Chicago-style pizza and a fresh salad courtesy of Hilton Garden Inn was the perfect meal for our tomato-loving event.


Our next speaker, Karuna Riazi, was the perfect follow up to Allison Mulder. While Allison showed us concrete ways we can begin to put our work in front of an audience, Karuna encouraged us to take advantage of our time as young writers, creating outside of the spotlight.


Last but not least was our keynote speaker Gloria Chao, who provided amazing and motivational advice about telling one’s own personal truth through fiction. She also told us some of the writerly advice she would have appreciated as a young author.

After speaking, Gloria stuck around to listen to our attendees read excerpts from their latest works in progress. We were absolutely blown away by the work read aloud, and we cannot wait to do this again next year.



After our read-aloud session, Ch1Con moved over into the neighboring conference room to attend the joint Ch1Events Ask Us Anything panel.

Despite blue-screening laptops and uncooperative google hangouts, we were able to live stream a very dynamic, funny, and insightful discussion among our amazing speakers. It is available for viewing on youtube here.

The Ask Us Anything panel concluded with our traditional Panera-related question, and was followed by a book signing! Karuna and Gloria signed copies of their books for attendees. Gloria even gave out candy for the people in her line!


And on that happy note, Ch1Con 2018 came to a close. We had so much fun organizing this event for the young writer community. A huge thanks, as always, to the entire Ch1Events team, Lynn Byers, Kathleen Ryan, The Hilton Garden Inn O’Hare, and to other friends of the conference, without whom none of this would be possible. We hope to see you all again next year for another fantastic con!


Poetry Contest Open For Submission!


We’re excited to announce our first writing contest of the year!

Some additional info:

  • Entrants between the ages of 11 and 29 are welcome to submit.
  • There will be two prizes awarded, one for the Ch1Con age bracket (11-21) and one for the Ch21Con age bracket (21-29).
  • We will give you the option to have the poem published on the Ch1Con website, but if you would like to keep your submission private we will respect that request.

If you have any questions about submissions, feel free to send us a message on twitter (@Ch1Con) or send us an e-mail!

Thanks so much to Nicole Dowling for our amazing poster! Check out her work here!


2018 Conference, General, Yule Ball

Yule Ball 2018 Speaker Announcement

Hello writers!

Today is the day we get to announce the 2018 Yule Ball speakers!

For those of you who do not know, the Ch1Con Yule Ball is an hour-and-a-half long live video panel.

This year, it will be held on Friday, January 26th from 7PM-8:30 PM Central Time.

Just follow THIS LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PTX4lhaICTo

Basically, Yule Ball is a mini, free, and online Ch1Con, and we hope to see you all there!

So, without further ado, here are the young authors who will be answering your questions…

Morgan York



Morgan is a YA fantasy writer living in New York City. In a former life, she was an actress who appeared in films such as Cheaper by the Dozen and The Pacifier. She enjoys reading, video games, traveling, and drinking all kinds of tea. On her blog, she discusses books, writing, social issues, and more at morganyork.com and tweets as @morganyorkwrite.

Sierra Elmore


Sierra Elmore is a young adult contemporary writer who studies sociology at Arcadia University. She created the Diverse Book Bridge project for underrepresented teens and edits YA Pride’s Teen Voices column. Her novels focus on teenage girls fighting trauma while wreaking havoc. When not writing, she enjoys Pilates, chasing after her cat, and working at her school’s career center.

Rachel Stevenson


Rachel Stevenson is a YA and MG author and reader seeking traditional publishing. She is the creator and host of #YayYA. It is her current goal to  read and review all of the Newbery Medal winners. Rachel, though from Philadelphia, hails from Oklahoma and attends college near Pittsburgh, PA, but most of her books are set in made-up places based on Ireland or Russia.

Feel free to get to know our amazing speakers on twitter before you see them LIVE at #Ch1ConYuleBall.

See you this Friday!